Green Pocketbook® for Research & Development Departments from ViridisChem Inc.

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Comprehensive toxicological data on raw material is practically non existent, which means designing green product development processes can be tedious and time consuming.

ViridisChem Inc., is offering a solution that will help scientists make environmentally friendly decisions throughout the product development life-cycle.

Our first product the Green Pocketbook® is a cloud based reference tool that helps scientists assess chemicals of high concern and identify safer alternatives that are less hazardous for people and environmentally friendly.

Containing more than 90 million chemical entries from the worlds best structure, reaction and literature databases, the Green Pocketbook combines the power of a search engine with user friendly decisions support tools.


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Unlike other chemistry reference products, it is the only software tool in the industry that correlates physical and toxicological properties then calculates a Green Score based on these properties.  The software allows the user to visually compare multiple chemicals side by side for easy assessment and decision making.


Other Features include:

Flexible Search options, search by;

  • Chemical Name, CAS#, IUPAC Name
  • Structure, or draw your own
  • Citation, Reference, Patents

Comprehensive Physical and Toxicological data

  • The software displays many of the properties contained in the MSDS plus more.
  • There over 24 physical properties and over 26 toxicological properties that can be configured and displayed to suite your preferences
  • Displays US and International regulatory concerns


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Jose Castanon

Jose Castanon

Marketing Leader, Team Builder

Jose Castanon
ViridisChem Inc.
408 218 3125
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Jose Castanon is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in medical technology and devices. He specializes in growth strategies and bringing new technologies to market. Prior to ViridisChem Jose was the Director of Marketing for Omnicell, where he led all North American marketing activity for the Medication Automation and Analytics business line. Jose has held commercial leadership roles at Philips Healthcare, Roche and Johnson and Johnson. He holds a BS in Biology from the University of Puget Sound and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Neelam Vaidya

Neelam Vaidya

Experienced executive with passion to bring most needed solutions to market

Neelam Vaidya is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in both high-tech and bio-tech industry. In 2014, Neelam and Rahul Vaidya cofounded ViridisChem Inc. with the mission to develop a portfolio of software solutions that will provide all the information and analysis capabilities scientists would need to practice “green chemistry” within their everyday research, that will result in environmentally friendly product development processes that are greener, safer, and economical. To enable this goal, the company has built in-house and proprietary
– chemical database with over 60 million chemicals,
– citation database with over 20 million citations and patents,
– reaction database with over 10 million reference reactions

It recently launched its first product Green Pocketbook that is being used both as an educational tool and as a reference guide by universities and industry scientists for their day-to-day research needs. It provides full chemical and toxicological profiles of chemicals, and offers “green scores” based on these properties through easy to understand visual charts. With inclusion of chemicals relevant to most industries, and by providing the most comprehensive information about chemicals in a very easy to use and understand manner, Green Pocketbook is proving to be a “must have” software solution for scientists from most industries for their day-to-day work.

In past she was the founder and CEO of a biotech company ChiroSolve, Inc. that offers products and services that define chiral resolution method for optically active and hard-to-separate chiral molecules. Neelam was also the founder of Software Company called Perfect Solutions that offered enterprise software products for high-tech industry. Before her entrepreneur career, Neelam has lead number high-profile enterprise infrastructure projects

ACS National Fall Symposium, 2015, Boston, MA (August 16-18, 2015)

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