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Training Course – IN SILICO DRUG DISCOVERY & DESIGNING: INSIGHTS OF PROTEIN-LIGAND INTERACTIONS. Oct 01, 2016  at Le Méridien Bangalore Hotel in Bengaluru, India.

Dear Colleague,

SELECTBIO would like to remind you about its Training Course – IN SILICO DRUG DISCOVERY & DESIGNING: INSIGHTS OF PROTEIN-LIGAND INTERACTIONS. This is scheduled to be held on October 01, 2016 from 9:00am to 5:00pm at Le Méridien Bangalore Hotel in Bengaluru, India. This course will be held in conjunction with our 4th International Conference “Drug Discovery India 2016“. Attend the Training Course and the Conference andSave 10% against the regular registration charges.

With basic knowledge in Life Science and Drug Design that would like to receive a comprehensive overview or refresher on the Drug Discovery Technology the target audience comprises:
• Student & Faculty: Bachelor, Masters, PhD, students as well as Faculty and Professors from Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Immunology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biomedical Technology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Plant Science and Life Sciences.
• Professionals: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Pharmaceutical scientists from industry, academia and regulatory agencies.
Hands-on exercises will be performed individually using Software tools (no prior experience required).


• Introduction of Drug Designing
• Science involved in Disease Target Identification
• Virtual Screening
Practical application will be done on 5 molecules and the software on which DEMONSTRATION & TRAINING will be given
• In-Silico Generation of Ligands by ChemSketch
• Conversion of mol files to pdf files by Open Babel
• Protein Optimization & Energy Minimization by SPDBV
• Molecular Docking by MGL Tools | Creation of Grid Parameter & Dock Parameter Files by AutoDock Software
• Running the Algorithm by Cygwin
• Selection of Potent Inhibitors on the basis of Binding Energies and Lipinski’s Rule of 5
• Structure Analysis – Protein & Ligand complex H-bond interaction by UCSF Chimera
• Prediction of Molecular Properties- Molinspiration
• Prediction of Bioactivity- Molinspiration & ACD iLabs
• Drug Likeness – Mol Soft
• Bioavailability & ADME- ACD iLabs
• Toxicity- OSIRIS Property Explorer & ACD iLabs

For more information, or to discuss registration options, please contact me on the details given below.

Thanks and Best Regards

Sakshi Modgil
Customer Services Manager
O: +91 172 5025050
M: +91 7696125050

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