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ViridisChem, Inc.


Neelam Vaidya

Neelam Vaidya

Experienced executive with passion to bring most needed solutions to market.

VP Product Management

ViridisChem, Inc.

Experienced executive with over 25 years of experience in both high-tech and bio-tech industries. Extensive experience in business development, contract negotiation, risk management and managing cross-functional global teams. Specific expertise includes delivering high performance, high security software infrastructures in multi-domain WEB environment, building and managing Cloud/SaaS based products with high traffic demands; and successfully building and launching pharma-centric products for the benefit for scientific community worldwide.
Extensive experience in product commercialization including infrastructure planning, pricing, positioning, branding, distribution, launch plans, etc. Extensive experience in product marketing using social, online and in-person techniques.




ViridisChem offers a suite of software products that provide critical information scientists would need to define environmentally-friendly product development processes. Utilizing its internal proprietary chemical database with full chemical and toxicological profiles of over 60 million compounds, and supporting citation and reaction databases that provide related citations and reactions, the products help scientists understand the toxicological implications about the decision they have to make during day-to-day research without having to go through any training.

ViridisChem Inc, is an innovative company with a mission to provide relevant green chemistry data and tools that will allow drug development, biochemical, agrochemical and petrochemical companies to move towards environmentally friendly processes, be compliant with government standards, and reduce pollution.

We offer first-in-market comprehensive “green database” and applications that enable in-depth analysis of development and manufacturing processes during product development and product optimization. This unique offering includes automatic evaluation of development and manufacturing process description, drill-down analysis of multi-step synthesis, as well as waste, energy usage projections during scale-up, so that scientists can make environmentally conscious smart decisions right from early development stage.


ViridisChem offers software solutions that help scientists define environmentally friendly product development processes that are greener, safer, and economical. Our goal is to offer a suite of products that provide the most relevant information and analysis within a matter of few clicks without extra efforts from the scientists, so the scientists can make environmentally friendly choices without spending extra time and efforts.


  • Full chemical profiles of over 60 million chemicals at your fingertips
  • Visual charts for quick comparison among chemicals
  • Endpoint scores weighted for job-specific needs
  • Identifies US and international regulatory concerns
  • Data available any-time, any-where, on any device



ViridisChem Team

ACS National Fall Symposium, 2015, Boston, MA (August 16-18, 2015)

Soon after the product launch of Green Pocketbook in May 2015, this was the major event we show-cased the products at. Our team was in New Jersey, Massachusetts area for many days prior to the event and were able to meet many prospective customers. As anticipated, the trip and the event were great success and we have received lot of feedback on both Green Pocketbook and Green analyzer products. We sincerely thank everyone we met for the insightful feedback and tremendous support they have provided, and look forward to building long term mutually beneficial relationship with them.



Experienced executive with passion to bring most needed solutions to market

Green Analyzer – ViridisChem, Inc.

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