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Cyanohydrins are synthetically versatile chiral building blocks in organic synthesis. They can be conveniently synthesized in enantiomerically pure form via chemoenzymatic hydrogen cyanide addition onto the corresponding aldehyde using hydroxynitrile lyase.

Recently, we reported that such transformations can be efficiently carried out in a continuous flow manner using microreactors. Since racemization of enantiopure cyanohydrins occurs readily under slightly basic conditions, they should be protected before the follow-up reactions, preferably under acidic conditions.

In this contribution, we demonstrate that the methoxyisopropyl protection of mandelonitrile can be conveniently optimized in an automated microscale continuous flow system and subsequently scaled up under the same conditions by applying a larger flow reactor.


Synthesis of Methoxyisopropyl (MIP)-Protected (R)-Mandelonitrile and Derivatives in a Flow Reactor

Journal of Flow Chemistry
Publisher Akadémiai Kiadó
ISSN 2062-249X (Print)
2063-0212 (Online)
Subject Flow Chemistry
Issue Volume 2, Number 4/December 2012
Pages 124-128
DOI 10.1556/JFC-D-12-00008

Radboud University

Mariëlle M.E. Delville, Jasper J.F. Gool, Ivo M. Wijk, Jan C.M. Hest, Floris P.J.T. Rutjes1 Email for

1Institute for Molecules and Materials Radboud University Nijmegen Heyendaalseweg 135 6525 AJ Nijmegen the Netherlands

Floris P.J.T. Rutjes

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