Nov 142013


Biopharmaceutical firm Zalicus has started a Phase Ib clinical trial of Z944, a novel oral T-type calcium channel blocker, for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

The company expects to release the results from the laser-evoked potentials (LEP) study in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The study is designed to offer both objective and subjective data on a drug’s ability to modulate pain signalling.

Z944 is a novel, oral, T-type calcium channel modulator that we are developing for pain.

Z944, an oral T-type Calcium Channel Modulator

Z944 is a novel, oral, state-dependent, selective T-type calcium channel modulator that has demonstrated efficacy in multiple preclinical inflammatory pain models and in a Phase 1b experimental model of pain. T-type calcium channels have been recognized as key targets for therapeutic intervention in a broad range of cell functions and have been implicated in pain signaling. Zalicus is planning to advance a modified release formulation of Z944 through further clinical development.

The wide distribution of T-type calcium channels found in brain, heart, endocrine cells and other tissues provides the possibility of developing therapeutics for multiple indications, including treatment of pain. Zalicus has utilized its expertise in this field to successfully discover high affinity, selective and orally available compounds, such as Z944, that show promise for further development.


T-type Calcium Channel Modulators

T-type, or transient-type (referring to the length of time activated), calcium channel modulators target low-voltage-activated, calcium channels. These channels have been recognized as critical components in numerous cell functions and have been implicated in the frequency and intensity of pain signals. Zalicus is investigating compounds to modulate T-type calcium channel signaling in the treatment of pain. Our orally-administered T-type calcium channel blockers have shown efficacy in animal models of acute, chronic and visceral pain, as well as other indications.



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